Computer technician 

We carry out repairs on all
types of computers on your network
or your wiring 

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We help you make the best
choice of technology and

Computer support

Get support and service
computer troubleshooting
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Computer technician

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To have on hand a good technician is very important. To have a technician who can be trusted is even more important. Jaky offers custom software solutions based on your real needs. You can benefit from his expertise, his experience in IT and especially about its reliability.

Jaky offers to ensure the proper operation of your hardware, your facilities, and your network. It will provide support so that your computer workstations are still functional and in good condition.

The main service technician that our company can offer you

  •       Computer facilities (cabling, installation of workstations, servers, networks, etc.)
  •       Update equipment (computers, servers, peripherals, and software programs)
  •       Ensure maintenance computer remotely or at your company
  •       The administration and security equipment
  •       Diagnose and treat computer problems
  •       Support users for hardware and software

Jaky technology solutions provides computer technician mainly for small and medium enterprises and the self-employed providing services in the cities of Vaudreuil and Montreal area

Computer equipment

-Computer equipment

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