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Computer support

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To maintain the efficiency of your network, your employees and to better understand the various computer problems they will face, Jaky computer support department offers essential computer support. The service can not only solve your problems quickly but also helps to have a support if you have trouble installing a program or if you want to install a new computer technology that you know so well.

Computer support by phone, remotely or at your business

You will receive a computer support by telephone, remote or at your business to assist you in your work. This service will ensure the stability of your company at the computer, in addition to minimizing the impact on your productivity problems. You will also be updated with new technologies.

Jaky offers IT support as if it were a department integrated into your business. You just call him and he will solve your computer problems. You will have support that meets your needs, and tailor according to your budget.

Jaky offers its computer support services for SMEs and self-employed in the Greater Montreal area.

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