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To have a computer technician specialized in the maintenance and servicing of your computer is important and can prevent the occurrence of problems that slow down the productivity of your business. This is why computer maintenance is very important.

Jaky offers computer maintenance servicing and maintenance of your computer network to ensure the stability of your systems. Our company can handle all of your technology company management. We can therefore assure the proper functioning of all your installations.

A computer maintenance technician can prevent anomalies of your network and also make the necessary repairs if a problem arises so as not to interfere with the daily progress of your business.

In addition to services related to the maintenance of your computer network, Internet services Jaky offers maintenance and back up your website with hosting packages and servers reliable and very safe. You will have access to dedicated servers to meet strict standards for safety. Be assured that your website is secure and that you enjoy a safe and reliable site and your site will be online at any time.

Jaky offers a computer maintenance for all small and medium enterprises and the self-employed in the cities of Vaudreuil, St-Laurent, West Island and the greater Montreal area.

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